Real Estate Consultant


Our agents are what make our agency successful and our firms first priority.
Florida Real Estate Agency has one of the most attractive & flexible commission plans that allow agents to earn 100% COMMISSIONS.

You can start working once you receive out email conformation that your license has been transferred and activated. You will then have instant access to our marketing materials so that you can start selling and marketing right away. You can choose when you work and how often you work which makes us the best real estate company to work for part time

We usually complete the transfer to activation of your license within 48 hours. 

The $299 annual fee not be withdrawn until your first transaction of the fiscal year. This annual fee supports the administration of registering your license with our brokerage and keeping it active year after year. Everything else that we provide is free.
Simply complete the online application form. We will transfer you license upon review of your online application. 

Once you have an executed contract, you will send us all the closing information. We will request an agent disbursement of your commission at closing by the closing agent so you will be paid directly at closing. However, you will need to ensure that your file is complete and sent to us ASAP so we can ensure a timely review and authorization from the closing agent. 

Our custom built back office allows you to keep all of your real estate files accessible in a way that is compliant with Florida law. These files are accessible 24/7 and allow us to securely review them within the terms of compliance. 

At this time, Florida Real Estate Agency does not provide office space. During the years in being in the business, we have
 found that we more often than not end up using third party facilities to meet with clients and this helps us keep out fees minimal so we can work to put more money in your pocket instead of taking it away. 
After joining, you will receive your broker’s contact information. We can also direct you to our network of providers that
can help you with your transactions. We are constantly expanding our network of trusted professionals such as attorneys, title companies and home inspectors in Florida that you can choose to pursue business relationships with. 

No there are no hidden fees. No, we do not require minimum transactions in order to be an active agent with us.

We have chosen not to have an escrow account so you are welcome to choose the title company or the attorney of your choice. We recommend reaching out and making arrangements with these professionals to deposit finds into their trust or escrow accounts. 

SUPRA is a service reserved to Realtors and thus you will only have full access if you choose to join an association. However, you can be provided access through bluetooth iBox  and the listing agent can grant you access as a non-member through this service using their smartphone or tablet. We provide training materials in your online back office after joining for agents who have opted out of joining an association. 

Yes, we have an extensive training which makes us the best real estate agency to work for. You can access our training materials instantly after joining in your online back office. Our training spans from what should new real estate agents do to training for even the most senior real estate agents. We have worked to put together valuable information, tools and audio trainings to ensure there is an answer to all your questions that come up as a working agent. 

Yes! Feel free to work with a Florida licensed brokerage or agent of your choice. You can find all the necessary forms and details in your provided online back office.

We are affiliated with numerous associations throughout the state. Simply choose the one closest to you on the application page. If you don’t see your local association, contact us as we may be able to accommodate your specific reques