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We Work With All Florida Home Builders

At Florida Real Estate Agency, we work with builders to give you the biggest incentives possible while building your dream home anywhere in Florida and with any home builder you choose.


We consider any home that is sold by a builder to be a new home, including homes built from the ground up, quick move-in homes & the builder’s model home.
Yes! Quick move-in homes (move-in ready, “spec”, inventory homes) are considered new construction homes and are eligible. 

No, your full builder rebate is paid to you on a home for any price, provided the builder offers a builder rebate. 

Unlike most real estate companies, we do not charge a transaction fee. The only time we may charge any fees may be when we must accompany you to a builder’s model/sales center and you are outside of our area. We may charge lodging & travel fees depending on distance.

There is no set amount. The builders decide how much rebate you receive on a new home purchase. Each builder sets their amount & is dependent on location, model & price.

All of your builders credit will be applied to your closing costs and/or prepaids, so you can bring less funds to closing for your new home. Please Note: closing costs depending on the lender, title company, loan amount, price of your home & when your closing takes place. 

Being a Florida-Licensed Brokerage, we can represent you remotely as your Realtor ANYWHERE in the State of Florida where a commission is being paid by the builder (seller). If your builder requires us to accompany you on your first visit to their model home/sales center and/or to contract signing (or if you would like us to), we may have to charge an up-front fee to cover our travel and lodging expenses for areas that we lack agents. Please note: If you need one of our agents to meet you in person, please give us as much advance notice as possible so we can do our best to accommodate your reques

We work with any and all new home builders throughout the state of Florida.

Yes, but you should first register with us and let us know of any communities you would like to visit before you visit them. Some communities and builders require us to accompany you in person on your first visit or at contract signing. We can first contact the builders and find out their requirements for us to represent you. If you do visit any new home communities without us, be sure to let the builder know you are working with a Realtor and write the Realtor’s contact information on the Builder’s registration form. 

It depends on how far along in the sales process you are and whether the builder requires you to register us as your Realtor on your first visit. We are happy to contact the sales agent you were working with and find out if it is not too late for us to represent you in your new home purchase. 

We do not encourage this, but you may be able to. However, if you signed an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement or any other Broker-Buyer Agreement with another real estate agent, we cannot represent you unless you first cancel that agreement. Also, if you are already registered with a builder with another Realtor, the builder may not allow you to change your Realtor for the representation of your transaction.